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Carrers at BIO-4

What do Human Resources mean to us and what do we look for?

People are our most valuable asset and are key for achieving our strategic objectives. At BIO-4 we look for people that share our values and behave in a way that is consistent with those values. We look for people that want to grow with us personally and professionally. We look for people that have an edge and the urge to go beyond the usual and the minimum expected. We look for people who are different and who want to make a difference.

What is it like to work with us?

We are a diverse company with people from very different backgrounds. We value differences and believe that diversity gives us creativity and a broad range of experiences and ideas that we need to be successful.

We want to create a positive and safe working environment for everyone at BIO-4. We want our people to feel save and to clearly understand our expectations. We are committed to fairness.

Being diverse and different can also create conflicts. Therefore, we expect from everyone to make a personal commitment to treat colleagues with dignity and respect and to try to understand the differences.

Why should I want to work for BIO-4?

We are an entrepreneurial firm with a clear growth strategy to tap into new markets. At BIO-4 we offer you ambitious and challenging projects from day one. Early on, you can take responsibility and work with us to learn and advance.

We are a very young company . Our culture is not about seniority but about performance. We offer a very dynamic place to work.

We are a small company with flexibility for change, high agility in the market and fast decision making.

We are a place for continuous learning . We teach you what is needed to be successful in your job at BIO-4 professionally and personally. We expect you to teach us.

At BIO-4 we believe that it's important to give back to our community , to our neighborhoods, to our environment. We want you to be part of these initiatives.

Employment opportunities

Open Positions Job Openings

Environmental Engineer





Cancun, Mexico

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Cancun, Mexico

Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager

Cancun, Mexico

Project Manager/Engineer Plant Construction

Cancun, Mexico




Besides the current openings, BIO-4 offers a range of other opportunities. If you are looking for an internship, have to write a thesis or like to get started as a trainee, just contact our Human Resources directly. If you are interested in working with us at BIO-4, please submit your resume to HR@bio-4.com or contact us at +43-664-4412141. You should outline which area(s) of employment you are interested in.




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