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Why choose BIO-4

Three good reasons to work with us

1. Fast, exceptional service and great flexibility

Providing comprehensive service and highest responsiveness is our way of doing business with our clients. This holds true for all stages of a waste water treatment project.

In the proposal stage, we work closely with you to be able to tailor the solution exactly to your needs in the minimum amount of time.

The time for procuring equipment and installing the plant will be driven by your requirements. The sooner you need the plant, the faster we will complete it.

You can buy the complete package, where we act as a general contractor and hand over a turn-key plant or you may chose to have us deliver and install the equipment only and have a civil contractor for example do all construction/architectural works.

After installation, we can provide training and maintenance services to assure cost efficiency and reliability of your plant. We can also take full responsibility and operate your plant at a defined fee and guarantee you superior wastewater treatment service at competitive costs for the term of the agreement.

2. Lowest life-cycle cost and outstanding reliability

With our cutting edge BIOCOS® plants, we consistently deliver lower life cycle costs than traditional treatment plants due to design inherent lower capital investment and lower operational cost. Our BIOCOS® plants have a state-of-the-art design, are sized to fit your needs, are expandable, are reliable and are easy to maintain (e.g. no electrical equipment below the water surface). To guarantee smooth operation, we only install most dependable components; we provide training and training material in your language and suggest maintenance intervals that are necessary to protect the long-term availability and performance of your plant.

3. Excellent expertise

Together with our partners, we have the right skills and experiences to handle any issue pertaining to wastewater treatment even for example for large plants with energy generation from biogas. Since the award winning BIOCOS® technology was developed in part by our people, you can be sure to have access to a vast knowledge base from research and practical experience.

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