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Our Heritage

BIO-4 is an Austria based privately held company. The timeline highlights major events from the origin of the BIOCOS® technology and the founding of BIO-4 until today.


Year Events






Set up of BIO-4 Mexico as part of the BIO-4 Group.


Creation of BIO-4 Austria GmbH in order to create a structural and legal basis for faster international growth and to improve and secure Austrian operations. BIO-4 partners with MAK Alliances in Canada to expand activities in dedicated regions all over the world. BIO-4 extends activities to Mexican market.


First BIOCOS® plant erected by BIO-4 in South Africa.


First BIOCOS® plant built by BIO-4 for HAFI in Serbia.


First BIOCOS® plant erected by BIO-4 in Italy.


BIOCOS® technology is awarded the German Innovation Price of Baden Württemberg. Christian Becker, co-developer of the BIOCOS® system, establishes BIO-4 as an independent company to erect new BIOCOS® plants focusing on Southern Europe, Southern Africa and the Caribbean and to maintain the existing BIOCOS® plants


First BIOCOS® plant built in Latin America.


First BIOCOS® plants erected in Germany


First BIOCOS® plant erected in Austria. BIOCOS® becomes first choice technology for alpine locations

1995 and before

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Ingerle develops and patents the BIOCOS® technology for biological waste water treatment. Christian Becker (founder of BIO-4) is part of the research & development team.




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