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Social & Enviromental Responsability

Social Responsibility –
We act responsibly and consider the impact of our actions

We realize that our actions have impacts on the improvement of people's living conditions and on the society as a whole. With this comes a unique responsibility towards the respective communities within which we operate. Therefore, we fully assume our responsibility to behave as good corporate citizens and our commitment regarding sustainable development. We actively participate in the economic development of the regions we work in. We promote various social projects in the interests of some of the most disadvantaged people in the locations where we are active. We expect from our leaders and our people that they never forget this responsibility.

We follow strict ethical standards. Being part of BIO-4 means to act with integrity in all situations, to respect the rules (esp. legal) in the countries we operate, to maintain harmonious and respectful relations with others, to protect confidentiality, to place professional ethics above consideration of profitability and to protect the company's property and resources. We follow a strict policy of neutrality in political matters.

Environmental Responsibility – We engage in business practices that conserve and protect natural resources

Sustainable development and corporate responsibility not only requires us to act socially responsible but to consider the environmental impact of our activities as well. For any region in the world, environmental protection is a continuous challenge. As a company, we deal with one of the most fundamental resources of our planet and with that take on a particular responsibility for human health and the environment. Each day millions of liters of untreated waste water are discharged into this environment. These do not just originate from traditional sources such as households and industry but from non-functioning treatment plants as well. We treat waste water and we return it to rivers and oceans. We work so that we do not create any pollution of the environment with the waste water that is brought to our plants for treatment.


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