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Our Values

A firm set of principles determine our behavior and guide our activities every step of the way. We require everybody inside the company to adhere to those values when making decisions and executing strategy.

Passion for everything we do

We believe that passionate people can achieve goals that others can not. We therefore look for passion in everyone we work with. We look for passion in our sales team to dedicate its attention on fulfilling our clients' needs, we look for passion in our staff for our products and services and we look for passion in our leadership team to manage an entrepreneurial business.

Customer focus meaning attention, responsiveness, integrity, quality and flexibility

Our vision and day-to-day activities are driven by the needs of our clients. We are committed to satisfy their needs as we create and deliver smart water solutions targeted at their specific requirements and problems. With excellence in service referring to high levels of attention, responsiveness, integrity, quality and flexibility, we strive to build strong long-lasting relationships based on trust. Our success depends on putting our customers' interests first.

People & Teamwork are at the heart of our business

Our people are the key to our success. Building a great team and developing individuals' talents is the basis for creativity and professional service. Defined guidelines, express our human resource philosophy:


•  Strive to trust each other and earn trust from others
•  Practice and request regular and direct communication
•  Motivate people to behave in line with our values and strategies
•  Treat our people with respect and help them to grow personally and professionally
•  Recognize that everybody makes mistakes but should not make the same mistake twice
•  Support the staff in rendering services to the public and stress the positive social effects


•  Share success as well as failures
•  Promote mutual learning and support
•  Value and encourage cultural diversity
•  Believe in teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit
•  Follow through based on decisions and targets
•  Inspire and lead by example and by setting clear targets

Performance & Reliability
referring to all aspects of delivery and interaction

We want to be a reliable partner to our clients and business partners by ensuring the highest levels of professionalism in our work. We strive to implement well adapted technical, financial and institutional solutions and to build strong operational capabilities in our firm. Our objective is to outperform our competitors in the markets we operate in and to grow organically.

Innovation Thinking forward and striving to create innovations

Continuous advancement and out-performance requires going beyond traditional boundaries extending limits, crossing barriers long recognized as closed and changing the rules through imagination and creativity. We provide creative freedom and encourage our people to take initiative. In anticipation of our customers' needs, we create products, services and integrated solutions for the future. We never take anything for granted.

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