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Glossary & FAQ

A Glossary with explication of terms in water technologies can be found at the Water Knowledge Portal of the Institute for Environmental Technologies, University of Bremen (German only).

What does BIO-4 do?

BIO-4 is an international provider of innovative waste water solutions based on the award winning BIOCOS® technology. Customized construction of wastewater treatment plants of all sizes along with complimentary products and services has been our main competence and is at the core of our business. If you like to know more about us, please follow this link.

Why is the company called BIO-4?

The original name of the company was BIO “for” smart water solutions – short BIO-4.

What are the differences between BIO-4's BIOCOS® technology and traditional activated sludge treatment plants?

We have compared the technologies in one of our white papers. Please follow the link.

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