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TechInfo: Energy from Biogas

We believe bio-energy is the future. Bio-energy is the oldest and most important energy source on our planet. Bacteria decompose died-off organic substances (e.g. excess sludge) in its original components. If this degradation process happens without oxygen (anaerobe fermentation), energy is released. This energy is stored in a biogas mix containing mainly methane (50%-75%). The higher the methane levels in the gas, the more energy is stored.

Today, biogas is mainly used to generate electrical power. While burning biogas in combined heat and power plants, electricity is continuously being generated. Furthermore, since biogas can be stored easily, electricity production can be adjusted to a possible volatile demand. Biogas is therefore much more flexible than energy from wind, water or solar.

Burning biogas in combined power plants does, however, not just produce electricity but also heat as a by-product. Part of the heat (30%) is needed to produce the biogas. The remainder can be used for other purposes. It can for example be used to heat buildings or to dry agricultural products.

Biogas does not pollute the environment; it does not use fossil fuels and it does not produce additional waste. It is clean, forward-looking and economical. It means independence and progress. The importance of biogas as a renewable energy source increases constantly. This is because biogas is the all-rounder of the renewable energies. In the process of biogas generation, sludge is not only eliminated but environmentally friendly utilized. The remainder of the fermentation process is even a high-grade and environmentally friendly fertilizer. Using biogas for energy generation conserves resources, supports the natural life cycle and enables decentralized waste utilization.

Biogas can make an active contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution at a time, in which climate change and global warming become one of the greatest challenges. Released is only CO2 in the amount, which was previously bound during the plant's growth. Biogas will be key in the future for large scale power supply.

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