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BIOCOS® State-of-the-Art Wastewater Treatment

What is BIOCOS®?

BIOCOS® is one of the most innovative and proven solutions for wastewater purification. The technology was invented and has undergone further development in Germany and Austria. BIOCOS® was named “Most Innovative Process for Wastewater Treatment” in Germany in 2002.

BIOCOS® is based on the activated sludge technology but replaces all the disadvantages of the conventional activated sludge process. The result is a simple, innovative and highly effective solution for wastewater treatment. In addition, the competitive investment and comparably low operating costs make BIOCOS® a very economic solution for municipals and resorts/hotels around the world. Hundreds of installations and satisfied customers confirm the excellence of BIOCOS®.

How does BIOCOS® work?

BIOCOS® consists of at least two reactors. In the aeration reactor, oxygen is added to allow the bacteria to biologically eliminate the organic load. The activated water-bacteria-sludge mixture then floats into the sedimentation and circulation reactor. After a period of circulation to establish a homogenous environment, the sedimentation phase starts. The bacteria flocks are sinking down to the bottom of the reactor. The result is purified water at the top and sludge at the bottom of the reactor.

The purified water can then be withdrawn from the reactor directly, without further treatment, or indirectly, with for example the addition of chlorine, to be released into the environment.

A constant mass of the settled sludge is pumped back into the aeration reactor. Surplus sludge, however, is taken from the sedimentation and circulation tank e.g. to be stored in another basin or to be dried or processed in any other way e.g. electromechanical surplus sludge dewatering ( see sludge treatment options ). Afterwards the process starts again.



BIOCOS® wastewater treatment can be designed to solve individual wastewater treatment problems. For example, the size of the plant and the number of BIOCOS® lines used can be adjusted to the quantity of wastewater to be handled. The plant can be built in modules to allow future expansion right from the start. Mechanical pre-treatment, pre-settling tanks, sludge drying applications, UV treatment, chlorination, arrangement of single installation sections etc. also can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer. BIOCOS® can be an optimal technical solution at lowest life-cycle costs.


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