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For Potential Sales Agents

Welcome to BIO-4's Website for potential sales agents. Here you find information about how we work with agents and how to become one of our agents.

BIO-4 is an international provider of innovative waste water solutions based on the award winning BIOCOS® technology. Customized construction of wastewater treatment plants of all sizes along with complimentary products and services has been our main competence and is at the core of our business. BIO-4 has repeatedly demonstrated through installations in Europe and Latin America that its solutions are right on the customers' requirements and persistently deliver high quality purification results at competitive life-cycle costs.

We have a very small direct sales force and do most of our sales through independent sales agents. For this, we depend on the sales agents for reaching our growth targets and the agents depend on us for supplying products that sell in the market. We believe that the Agent-BIO-4 relationship needs to be mutually beneficial and that both sides need to contribute. We also believe that the customer needs to be managed from the initial inquiry until the final payment and even beyond for after sales support and that BIO-4 and the sales agent need to cooperate closely throughout this process.

What our agents can expect from us (BIO-4 contribution):

• Supply leading product with unmatched advantages (technical + economical)

• Provide marketing material, product information and training as required by the Agent and deemed useful to facilitate sales

• Support sales process in most professional way (fast, reliable, high quality, flexible)

• Pay commission to the Agent according to agreement

What we expect from our agents (Agent contribution):

• Identify and manage potential customers from initial contact to final payment and beyond

• Negotiate deals of interest to BIO-4

• Share market intelligence , customer information, lobbying opportunities etc.
with BIO-4

• Protect BIO-4's business and technology secrets against any kind of abuse

• Act based on BIO-4's guidelines to protect the interest and the reputation of the firm



How to become an agent for BIO-4:

Our customers are the focus of our attention. We have the highest professional standards and we expect these from our agents as well. With this in mind, we select our sales agents very carefully. We choose based on a defined set of criteria. We test these criteria based on written information provided by the potential new agent, based on our own research about the agent and based on interviews that we conduct with the agent and potentially even with former business partners of his. Once we believe in a potentially beneficial relationship for both partners, we will offer the agent to sign an agency agreement with us that grants certain rights and imposes specific duties. After signing the agreement, we welcome the sales agent to the “BIO-4 family”.


Contact Us

If you are interested to
learn more about what we can do for you, please get in contact with us and we will put you in touch with one of our experts.

Just send us an email at:
newagent@bio-4.com or use the Feedback Form to submit us your request.

We look forward to work with you.



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