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For Alpine Locations

Water, an important resource in alpine habitat worth protecting

In one of the most sensitive ecosystems, water represents a very important resource worth of protection for humans, animals and the environment. Crystal clear lakes and rivers and green grasslands and meadows are not only at the heart of alpine life but are the economic basis for these regions. Therefore, it is imperative to protect the water resources of those regions against pollution from uncontrolled and not properly treated sewage with appropriate technical and economical solutions.

We ensure best possible integration of wastewater treatment systems into the surroundings and even in existing structures through an individualized design of all wastewater treatment systems for Alpine Locations. Our plants are designed for minimum impact for nature. The plants are easy to operate and hence do not create any additional burden on owners or operators.

All our plant types have been tested in Alpine Locations and circumstances and have been proven to be reliable for years. Numerous happy customers are the proof.

Implementation of waste water treatment solutions supported by public authorities

In many countries, public authorities are aware of the importance of water in alpine habitats and hence offer a variety of specific possibilities to support and even sponsor the implementation of sewage treatment systems in order to protect natural waters against pollution.

In Tyrol, Austria for example, contributions of 30% from the state and 30% from the federal government can be obtained as non-refundable investment grants.

Choosing the “right” system is of greatest importance

Several different options for treating or discharging waste water are available even for Alpine Locations. When selecting a solution, legal, technical as well as economical aspects need to be considered. Factors such as topographical location, accessibility, size of the property, type of energy supply, opening times (summer and/or winter season) and the already mentioned sensitiveness of the ecosystem also play an important role and determine what treatment or discharging technology should be applied.

Generally, there are two approaches for Alpine Locations either treatment of the wastewater on-site or connection to the sewage system down in the valley. If the decision is made to treat the wastewater on-site directly, in close vicinity to the property, the “right” system needs to be selected for the particular location and situation.

There are mainly three distinct steps for wastewater treatment. For on-site treatment, depending on the requirements, several technologies for each step are available and can even be combined.

  Mechanical Treatment: Purification up to 35%. When used stand-alone, this solution does not comply with legal regulations in many countries due to remaining polluting load of 65%.

  Biological Treatment: Purification up to 99%.   High purification results can for example be achieved with SBR (Single Batch Reactor) / ESB (Single bed biology) plants, BIOCOS® plants or membrane filter plants.

  Additional Treatment: In very sensitive locations, an additional treatment of the effluent for example with UV is practical or depending on legal regulations even imperative.

Our product portfolio contains tested and approved systems and treatment technologies, especially adapted to Alpine Locations. Together with our customers and based on our experiences from many successful projects, we select the appropriate technology for the particular location and application.

The following systems have proven to be most suitable for Alpine Locations:

  Filter bag system, simple mechanical wastewater treatment

Filter bag systems require minimum maintenance. No electricity is necessary for operation. Excess sludge is discharged as simple as possible. Filter bag systems are suitable for small and remote properties.

  Grid / granular wet bed filter and biological filter systems for minimal maintenance

Grid / granular wet bed filter and biological filter systems are also particularly suited for small properties without electricity (as long as no recirculation pump is used). This type of plant requires only minimal maintenance and is very reliable due to the small excess sludge production and the mechanical pre-treatment.

  Plants for satisfactory biological purification at any time
ssSingle Batch Reactor (SBR) – with batched reactor feed
ssSingle Bed Biology (ESB) – with continuous reactor feed

We recommend SBR/ESB plants for properties with small hydraulic loads. This type of plant has good effluent quality. Operation requires minimum electricity (0,2kW). SBR/ESB plants are suitable for operation during summer and winter times. They can be combined with a mechanical pre-treatment system. Shutting the plant down at the end of a season or setting it back into operation at the season's start is fast and easy. Excess sludge from the treatment process is usually dried or taken away.

  BIOCOS® (Biological Combined System) – developed in Tirol, wastewater treatment at the highest level

We recommend our BIOCOS® system for properties with high organic and hydraulic loads. BIOCOS® was developed at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. The technology has been scientifically tested and has proven itself in many projects over years. BIOCOS® offers full biological wastewater treatment at the highest level. The system requires electricity for operation. It is suitable for summer and winter in extreme locations. Maintenance is very low and normally reduced to shut down and start up at the end respective the beginning of a season. BIOCOS® plants can be equipped with mechanical pre-treatment and with sludge drying systems.

Treatment and disposal of excess sludge

All biological activated sludge technologies produce excess sludge during the purification process. Excess sludge has to be discharged from system at least periodically. The treatment respective the disposal of excess sludge is of high importance particularly in Alpine Locations. For sludge treatment, we have special systems in our product portfolio that are well suited for extreme locations. It is possible to collect and dry the sludge on-site in most cases, which makes transportation of the final product much easier and less expensive. Sometimes the wet sludge needs to be taken away. The “right” procedure largely depends on legal regulations in any particular country or region.

For your convenience, below you find a summary of our product and service portfolio for Alpine Locations. If you like us to help you solve your wastewater problem, consider our offerings.

Erection of treatment plants

  We design and build state-of-the art waste water treatment plants for Alpine Locations according to individual load data.

  Together with you and based on our experiences and the specific circumstances, we select the most appropriate treatment technology and the accompanying systems

  Plant selection is always in line with local regulations.

Maintenance of treatment plants

  Our plants for Alpine Locations are always offered and sold with a maintenance contract. We can not sell plants without a maintenance agreement. Maintenance contracts are even mandatory in some countries.

  We will take responsibility for at least bi-annual maintenance and take care of seasonal set into operation and shut down to guarantee stable and proper functioning of the plant in this sensitive environment.

  We provide manuals and training in the client's language to local plant operators.

Rebuilding of existing treatment plants

  If you own plants that are too small, too old or just not performing to the requirements and expectations, we can convert them into state-of-the-art systems.

  When converting plants, we will use as many of the old, existing structures as possible to keep the investment to a minimum (without endangering the new plant's performance).

Financing support and consulting for waste water treatment

  We have established relationships with major international banks that do infrastructure financing.

  We offer consulting services to find the right solution for your specific waste water problem even if this solution is not from us.

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