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In many parts of the world, especially in developing regions with long unspoiled coast lines and warm climates, tourism is one of the most important economic contributors to growth and development. Tourism is often based on intact natural treasures and resources. Therefore, the protection of the environment is crucial for many developers and owners of Hotels and Resorts. The increasing demand for Eco-tourism adds to this need for environmentally friendly Hotel & Resort setups.

For every Hotel/Resort/Golf Club owner, ensuring the safety of their guests and keeping all dangers e.g. potential diseases from contact with untreated or not properly treated waste water away from them, is the most important task.

Over the years, regulation in the area of Hotel/Resort waste water treatment has also been increased to request developers or operators to treat waste water on their own grounds or to connect their sewage system to public sewage systems with proper treatment plants.

For some developers, public sewage treatment is not an option. Some developers might like to use the treated water themselves. Golf Course owners or operators for example could reduce their potable water consumption significantly if they use the treated waste water for irrigation and for their artificial lakes. Others are too far away from public sewage systems or do not trust municipal treatment systems. They rather seek independence to achieve maximum system availability and better and stable effluent quality with their own treatment plants.

Since the focus of Hotels/Resorts/Golf Clubs is the guest and not how to treat the waste water, plants at Hotels/Resorts must do only one thing – perform perfectly well 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year without unpleasant side effects such as odor and noise and without taking a lot of space or spoiling views and landscapes.

If you are part of a Hotel/Resort development facing these types of issues and like to have your waste water problem solved with a solution that fits your needs, consider our product and service offerings.

Erection of treatment plants

  We design and build state-of-the art waste water treatment plants exactly fitting your requirements in terms of size and application.

  Growing developments and resorts benefit from our plant's modular design. The rectangular construction of the BIOCOS® tanks for example ensures easy plant enlargement in the future. There is no need to invest money in future capacity requirements today.

  In comparison to other sewage treatment systems, our plants require less technical equipment. Consequently, there is a lower initial investment and there are lower operational costs.

  Our plants fulfill and often exceed strict European limits for biological waste water treatment, while consuming less energy than comparable conventional plants. This is especially relevant for resorts that like to use the treated effluent for irrigation. Our plants produce hazard free water, so you do not need to worry about potential health problems for you guests . Furthermore, the very high cleaning performance of the BIOCOS® system results in very low nitrate, ammonium and phosphate concentrations of the effluent. Hence, when the effluent is used for artificial lakes, algae growth is hampered. On the other hand, the nitrates and phosphates are bounded to the excess sludge, which in a dried from can be used as perfect fertilizer.

  We can build covered plants to avoid any odor coming out of the plant, however even open plants generally do not smell. The plants can also be built underground to save precious space and to maintain unobstructed views.

Maintenance and operation of treatment plants

  Besides manuals and training for local plant personnel, provided in the client's language, we offer a range of maintenance packages to ensure the availability of your plant.

  We can also operate your plant no matter what size (as long as it has been built or rebuilt by us).

Rebuilding of existing treatment plants

  If you own plants that are too small, too old or just do not perform according to your requirements and expectations, we can convert them into BIOCOS® plants.

  When converting plants into the BIOCOS® technology, we will use as many of the existing structures as possible to keep the investment to a minimum (of course without endangering the new plant's performance).

Financing support and consulting for waste water treatment

  We have established relationships with major international banks that do infrastructure financing for Hotels and Resorts.

  We offer consulting services to find the right solution for your specific waste water problem even if this solution is not BIOCOS®.

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