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Today, owning and operating an industrial company requires considering how to deal with the accumulating waste water. Most industrial countries in the world require 100% treatment depending on the industrial application. Many developing nations also increased their regulation in the area of industrial waste water treatment over the years and do request operators or owners of those companies to either treat the accumulating waste water on their own grounds or to connect their sewage system to public sewage systems with proper treatment plants. Therefore, whatever waste water results from your industrial processes, the issue of waste water accumulation and treatment will come up.

Whether you are operating a brewery, a pharmaceutical company, a facility for the production of specialty chemicals, a metallurgical facility or some other type of industrial company, you have one thing in common. You have waste water from your industrial processes that needs special treatment and you have normal waste water common to any other business. Depending on your setup, you might or might not have two or more different systems to accumulate the waste water for treatment.

Certainly, there are many different options in how to deal with this topic. Often, the most convenient way is to connect the company to the public sewage system. However, in some cases this might not be possible or not desirable from an operator's point of view. Some might like to use the treated water themselves e.g. for cooling or other processes. Others are too far away from public sewage systems or do not trust the municipal treatment systems and try to stay independent to achieve maximum system availability and better and stable effluent qualities with their own treatment plants. In many cases, the public systems are not suited to handle the industrial waste water that results from the production process. In these cases, a suitable solution might be to have a treatment plant build for the specific application.

The treatment solution has to fulfill some basic requirements. It has to perform perfectly well 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It should not endanger the safety of the people working on the grounds or living in the area (not acquiring diseases from contact with untreated waste water), it should be in line with regulations and be cost efficient. Being cost efficient could for example mean installing one treatment plant for all waste water that can deal with the industrial waste water as well or could mean installing separate treatment systems for waste water from industrial processes and waste water from common areas.

If you are an owner or operator of an industrial company and face these types of issues and like to have your waste water problem solved with a solution that fits your needs, consider our product and service offerings

One-stop-shopping for your industrial waste water treatment

We offer one-stop-shopping for waste water treatment for industrial companies including analysis and planning work to identify the optimal treatment solution, erection of plants if appropriate together with the right partners, who are leading experts in specific applications of industrial waste water treatment, and plant operation as preferred by our customers.

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