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At present, many municipalities around the world still can not treat or even handle 100% of the accumulating waste water properly. There are several reasons for that above all the lack of well-functioning treatment plants.

Without proper waste water treatment, however, municipalities face problems with human health and an increasing destruction of natural resources.

In cases where government regulation exists, municipalities also may be obliged to pay potentially high fines for not treating their waste water as laid down in the law.

Often municipalities do not have sufficient resources to erect the necessary plant capacity, lack the capabilities to select the right solution that would meet their needs or do not have know-how in how to establish successful public-private-partnerships (PPP) that could help to build and run efficient waste water treatment plants.

If you are part of a government body or municipality facing these types of issues and like to have your waste water problem solved, consider our product and service offerings.

Erection of treatment plants

We plan and build state-of-the art waste water treatment plants in size reaching from 1.000 people for villages up to several million people for large cities.

Growing municipalities benefit from our plant's modular design. The rectangular construction of the BIOCOS® tanks for example ensures easy plant enlargement in the future. There is no need to invest money in future capacity requirements today.

In comparison to other sewage treatment systems, our plants require less technical equipment. Consequently, there is a lower initial investment and there are lower operational costs.

Our plants fulfill and often exceed strict European limits for biological waste water treatment, while consuming less energy than comparable conventional plants.

Larger plants can be built to operate energy autarkic. Through biogas digestion reactors and biogas generators, biogas from excess sludge can be converted into electricity and heat.

Maintenance and operation of treatment plants

Besides manuals and training for local plant personnel, provided in the client's language, we offer a wide range of maintenance packages to ensure the availability of your plant.

We can also operate your plant no matter what size (as long as it has been built or rebuilt by us).

We offer to take over complete responsibility for waste water management including plant operation and collection of fees for larger municipalities.

Rebuilding of existing treatment plants

If you own plants that are too small, too old or just do not perform according to your requirements and expectations, we can convert them into BIOCOS® plants.

When converting plants into the BIOCOS® technology, we will use as many of the existing structures as possible to keep the investment to a minimum (of course without endangering the new plant's performance).

Financing support and consulting for waste water treatment

We have established relationships with major international banks that do infrastructure financing for municipalities.

We work with leading experts to establish successful, long-term Public-Private-Partnerships.

We offer consulting services to find the right solution for your specific waste water problem even if this solution is not BIOCOS®.





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