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For Potential Suppliers

Welcome to BIO-4's Website for potential suppliers. Here you find information about our sourcing policy, how we work with suppliers and how to become one of our preferred vendors.

BIO-4 is an international provider of innovative waste water solutions based on the award winning BIOCOS® technology. Customized construction of wastewater treatment plants of all sizes along with complimentary products and services has been our main competence and is at the core of our business. BIO-4 has repeatedly demonstrated through installations in Europe and Latin America that its solutions are right on the customers' requirements and persistently deliver high quality purification results at competitive life-cycle costs.

For delivering superior solutions to our customers, we depend on our vendors. We believe that the Vendor-BIO-4 relationship needs to be beneficial for both partners and that both sides need to contribute. We also believe that the customer's needs drive our activities and hence that we need to cooperate closely with our suppliers from start to finish of a project or new development. We strive to establish long-term supplier relationships and to cooperate, to continuously innovate and improve the solutions for our customers.

What our vendors can expect from us (BIO-4 contribution):

•  Payment for delivery according to agreement

•  Act with fairness and integrity in our business relationships

•  Support supplier to be able to deliver as promised (quality, time, price)

•  Encourage competition and provide equal opportunities for potential supplier

•  Provide information necessary to facilitate the sourcing process and select the right ttttproduct

What we expect from our vendors (Supplier contribution):

•  Supply leading product with clear advantages (technical + economical)

•  Be reliable in every aspect of our relationship and provide a consistent high quality

•  Offer competitive prices for the delivered products

•  Display flexibility, responsiveness and efficient logistics

•  Protect BIO-4's business and technology secrets against any kind of abuse


How to become a vendor for BIO-4:

Our customers are the focus of our attention. We have the highest professional standards and we expect these from our vendors as well. With this in mind, we select our suppliers very carefully. Our supplier management is based on systematic supplier selection and continuous supplier assessment. Once we believe in a potentially beneficial relationship for both partners, we will place test orders with the supplier and depending on these experiences engage in a long-term partnership.


Contact Us

If you are interested to
learn more about what we can do for you, please get in contact with us and we will put you in touch with one of our experts.

Just send us an email at:
suppliers@bio-4.com or use the Feedback Form to submit us your request.

We look forward to work with you..



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