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Consulting & Engineering Services

Apart from erecting turn-key wastewater treatment plants and in addition to the traditional technical services, we also offer our expertise as a consultant in the field of wastewater.

Our services are related to:

Planning and supporting general wastewater treatment projects

  • We design master plans for wastewater solutions including collection, treatment and reuse options as to minimize potable/fresh water consumption
  • We manage your wastewater project (bidding, erection, startup)
  • We conduct diagnostic studies of your wastewater treatment facilities to assess their performance and suggest practical, cost-effective improvements

Conducting of feasibility studies and environmental impact studies for wastewater solutions

  • We conduct benchmarking and market studies
  • We prepare feasibility and environmental impact studies
  • We assess performance of existing wastewater solutions

Arranging of models for private sector participation in wastewater projects

  • We develop strategies for private sector participation
  • We prepare business plans for public wastewater projects
  • We draw on experiences of Austrian and German experts to design PPP models (contracts, concessions etc.)

Improving and restructuring of private companies or public institutions involved in the wastewater field

  • We provide professional management advice even in difficult restructuring situations
  • We support a broad range of commercial and institutional aspects such as designing organizational structures, developing strategies, improving processes and efficiency, improving service quality and conducting training programs
  • We facilitate change management initiatives and can even run organizations in transition periods


Our goal

Our goal is to provide cost efficient and appropriate solutions that precisely fit your needs.

We take the time to thoroughly analyze your situation and to look for a solution that is tailor maid. We do not sell standard solutions that have been sold a million times before regardless of their fit.

Contact Us

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learn more about what we can do for you, please get in contact with us and we will put you in touch with one of our experts.

Just send us an email at:
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We look forward to work with you.



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