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BIO-4 – Our Fulfillment Process

Perfect Service from your Inquiry to the Turn-Key Plant and Beyond

We are not just a provider of equipment for BIOCOS® plants. We are your partner for your perfect wastewater treatment solution. That solution starts with your inquiry and does not stop with the turn-key plant but goes further, if you like into operation and maintenance.

At BIO-4, we assign one specific person to any new project so that you always deal with the same expert, who is responsible to handle all communication and discuss all matters related to the project with you. We want to work closely with you in the project from start to finish. To achieve this, we usually recommend regular meetings to keep you informed of the project's progress.

We also guarantee you an unmatched responsiveness for any issues that you have during the project.

All our projects follow a standardized process to ensure fast and efficient service for our customers. A general project will have 6 stages (see schema):

  After the initial contact , we present ourselves to you and discuss your needs and how the requirements could be matched with our product & service offering.

  During planning & design , we design a plant to the specifications. In this stage regular discussion and feedback are required to reach an optimal solution.

  After the design has been completed, you can decide in how to proceed.

  All construction works , are executed by our trusted partners or by a firm chosen by you.

  The procurement stage covers all production, purchasing and pre-assembly of the equipment as well as shipment to the installation site.

  We startup the plant and carry out appropriate training for all plant operators if you chose to operate the plant yourself.

  We will hand-over the plant to you after its operation has stabilized.

  Depending on your needs, we offer various after sales options to support you after the hand-over. You may for example choose one of our operations or maintenance packages.


Additional Services

Optionally, additional services such as Financing of the investment, complete municipal wastewater management or Consulting in wastewater issues are of course available as well.

While we provide you with a turn-key solution you may also chose to perform certain activities yourself or to outsource them to others. Many municipalities for example prefer to use a third party construction company, referring to a company that they have experience with and that they trust. In those cases, we would provide you with all drawings and specifications that the work must be based on but would leave the construction up to your experts.

Overall, we provide the flexibility to contract with you for the products & services you need – no more – no less.


Contact Us

If you are interested to
learn more about what we can do for you, please get in contact with us and we will put you in touch with one of our experts.

Just send us an email at:
info@bio-4.com or use the Feedback Form to submit us your request.

We look forward to work with you.




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