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Rebuilding of Wastewater Treatment Plants

BIO-4 's focus is to design and build Turn-Key BIOCOS® Wastewater Treatment Plants that are tailored to our customers' needs. While we often build those plants as greenfield projects, our technology is also perfectly suited to reuse existing structures of wastewater treatment plants to expand them, rebuild them or convert them into BIOCOS® plants to achieve superior effluent quality and lower operating costs.

At the time we receive an inquiry from a client with an existing plant, we will assess the plant's condition and will provide practical suggestions on how to improve the plant's performance, reduce its operating costs or rebuild/convert it. For rebuilding/conversion, we will analyze in detail what former structures and equipment can be used for what part of the “new” plant to keep the investment for our customer to a minimum without endangering the plant's reliability and cost-effectiveness. We work on all types of plants, no matter who designed and built it.

Without question, all services that are available to clients with new BIOCOS® plants are also offered to customers with rebuilt plants. Consequently, we provide all the necessary services to maintain and even operate rebuild plants to assure the long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness of your investment. With BIO-4, you get wastewater treatment solutions with state-of-the-art Austrian/German technology at lowest life-cycle cost even based on older, existing structures of conventional treatment systems.

Well suited when:

  The existing plant's performance is not acceptable – effluent values are not within the legal limits and/or do not correspond to the guaranteed or theoretically achievable limits of the current wastewater treatment technology.

  Better effluent values are required for example due to new legislation or other reuses of the effluent (e.g. for irrigation) – the existing plant, however, can not reach the new standards because of technology inherent limitations.

  Operating costs are too high – even though the plant functions, operating costs such as energy, maintenance and personnel are too high with the current wastewater treatment technology .

  The existing plant's structures are old and in decay due to these bad conditions, leakage and breakdown are likely with potential threats to the environment and/or public health and safety.

  The existing plant's reliability/availability is too low – regular equipment failures and high maintenance costs create pressure twofold, ecologically as well as economically.

  Influent volumes have increased over time – the existing plant is too small to process the higher organic and/or hydraulic load so that expansion becomes necessary.

Depending on the application, the size of the rebuilt/converted plant can reach from 100 to several million people and will be customized to fit your specific needs.

We are not just a provider of equipment for BIOCOS® plants. We are your partner for your perfect wastewater treatment solution. That solution starts with your inquiry and does not stop with the rebuilding or conversion of you plant but goes further, if you like into operation and maintenance. For your information, we like to show you our process that ensures success of all client projects.

As for new plants, rebuilding and converting of conventional treatment plants to the BIOCOS® technology can be the perfect and lowest life-cycle cost solution for:

dealing with large hydraulic loads, increasing population, legal requirements, small budgets
seeking modular expansion capabilities, reliable purification, cost-effectiveness

  Hotels/Resorts/Golf Clubs:
dealing with demanding visitors, premium land prices, varying flows, high water demand
seeking superior reliable purification, odorless, small/integrateable construction, reuse of effluent

  Apartment/Resident Developers:
dealing with little space, demanding resident, no specialized operators, varying flows
seeking superior reliable purification, odorless, small/integrateable construction, simple operation/maintenance

  Sensitive/Alpine Locations :
dealing with legal requirements, fragile ecosystems, varying flows, no specialized operator
seeking superior reliable purification, integrateable construction, simple operation/maintenance

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