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Service, Maintenance & Operation of Plants

Wastewater treatment plants are part of a critical infrastructure that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for many years. In consequence, the treatment plants need to be operated and maintained so they match the availability of the underlying infrastructure, hence, performing their duties constantly without interruption. Non-performing plants on the other hand endanger what they were built to protect, the environment and public health. For these reasons, professional operation, regular preventive maintenance and qualified repairs are key for assuring reliability and prolonging the life span of any type of wastewater treatment plant.

Damages resulting from poor operation and maintenance may require repair work, for which the cost for parts, labor and downtime can easily be a multiple of what it had taken to service the plant professionally in the first place. Often times one Dollar more spent on preventive maintenance, will save two to five Dollars otherwise later to be paid for repairs.

Even though BIOCOS® plants are due to their advanced design simpler in operation, easier to maintain and require less spare parts than conventional treatment plants, professional operation and qualified maintenance work are still required to maintain maximum purification performance and to protect the initial investment for many years. BIOCOS® multi line plants can even be maintained while in full operation. Individual lines will be shut down for maintenance during low-load periods, while the remaining lines will continue to operate normally. With this procedure, line after line can be serviced without any down time of the complete plant. According to our experience, BIOCOS® lines require no maintenance underneath the water surface for > 10 years.

As BIO-4 , we are not merely a supplier of wastewater equipment but want to be your wastewater solution provider. Therefore, we offer a full range of maintenance, repair and operation services adapted to your individual needs and preferences.

Some clients might prefer to operate and service their plants themselves with minimum work done by third parties or the original builder. Others may choose to outsource the operation and service of their plants completely.

We can adapt to the individual requirements by customizing our service to you.

When choosing a strategy for operations, maintenance and repairs, our clients generally consider the following aspects:

•  Strategy – What is the focus of our client's activities? To what extent should he concern himself with operating a wastewater treatment plant? Is operating the plant core to his business?

•  Know-how – To what extent are capabilities available or should be build up to operate, maintain and repair the plant? What know-how is less expensive when purchased outside?

•  Personnel – Are there advantages from not having staff for operations and maintenance of the plant on the own payroll but all personnel issues covered by an outsourcing partner?

•  Financial – MRO contracts require longer-term financial commitments by the client but provide predictability and certainty. On demand services on the other hand have no commitment but their occurrence and amount are uncertain and might be higher than the cost of an MRO contract.

•  Performance – In whom do clients have higher confidence for delivering constant superior performance in their own organization/people or in professional third party service providers (e.g. BIO-4)?

In order to adapt to our clients' needs and preferences for operations, maintenance and repairs on their wastewater treatment plants, we offer preconfigured MRO packages that can be customized in terms of:

•  Content – determines what MRO activities/incidents are included in the package

•  Coverage – determines what costs of MRO activities/incidents are covered (e.g. parts, labor, energy etc.)

Based on the range of available options, you choose how to contract with us. We will provide you with options that fit your needs.


What we recommend

In most cases, we recommend a basic MRO package for our clients through which regular visits by BIO-4 professional to your plants (e.g. bi-annually) and the resulting costs for parts and labor are covered. At the time you want to decide on the topic, we will provide you with a proposal containing different preconfigured MRO options specific to your plant including pricing and we are happy to discuss the details and potential changes with you.

Pricing for our operations packages can also be tailored to the particular situation. We offer pricing based on treated water volume, fixed prices or a combination of the two.

Should you choose to operate your plant yourself, we will provide your staffs with training and manuals that cover general operation and basic maintenance/repairs of your BIOCOS® plant. If you like your staff to perform even more sophisticated maintenance/repair tasks, we can offer additional training at reasonable prices.

The MRO Manual does not only contain information in how to operate the plant to achieve maximum performance, it also has information to scheduled maintenance including a detailed list of plant equipments/parts with their respective maintenance intervals as well as a difficulty level to perform a certain maintenance activity.

BIO-4 can not only build you a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant but can be your preferred partner for your individual wastewater treatment solution. We offer a full range of services to ensure that your plant delivers to expectations for a long period of time. We are happy to discuss your individual solution with you.

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