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Support for Infrastructure Financing

We do cooperate with numerous experienced project financing institutions from all over the world. In case project financing is a requested option a specific project is evaluated by our specialists in order to find appropriate financing partners. We accompany and support our clients during approval processes. Below we have listed just two options for your information.

Austrian Export Development Bank

Optional project financing for your specific project out of Austria might be possible in cooperation with the Austrian Export Development Bank (www.oekb.at). The approval and individual conditions depend on the fulfillment of the requirements of OeKB. To display credit worthiness and a sound financial situation, you would initially have to provide annual financial reports for 2004 and 2005 as well as a report issued by any public accountant (such as Ernst & Young) confirming the financial reports. If you seek financing for your specific project, we will support this process from the start.

Export Development Canada

Optionally we cooperate with EDC (Export Development Canada (www.edc.ca) for financing projects out of Canada. EDC is known for it's competence in infrastructure financing, easy and fast processing, competitive interest rates and mid to long term financing.

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