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Turn Key Wastewater Treatment Plants

BIO-4 's focus is to design and build Turn-Key BIOCOS® Wastewater Treatment Plants that are tailored to our customers' needs. We further provide all the necessary services to maintain and even operate plants to assure the long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness of your initial investment. With BIO-4, you get wastewater treatment solutions with state-of-the-art Austrian/German technology at lowest life-cycle cost.

Our BIOCOS® plants are based on an innovative, award winning technology. With this fully biological system, our customers achieve superior treatment at lower investment and operational cost due to compact construction, smaller footprint, less complex equipment and lower energy demand. BIOCOS® can also handle widely varying flows for example due to seasonal differences. This makes the plants suitable for many different applications.

Applications of BIOCOS® Wastewater Treatment Plants

Well suited when:

Superior purification is necessary due to legal requirements or because the effluent is reused for irrigation or artificial lakes etc.

Space is very scarce, land prices are at a premium or the plant should be virtually “invisible” to maintain unobstructed views on the landscape

The influent is to increase over time so that modular expansion is desirable to postpone investment to the time when it is really needed

Odorless operation is required due to the vicinity of the plant e.g. directly located at a resort location

Reliability, easy operation and maintenance are key for cost and capability reasons

Types of BIOCOS® Wastewater Treatment Plants

Depending on the application, the size of the plant can reach from <100 to several million people . Generally, we offer two types of plants:

•  BIOCOS® standard plants with concrete tanks – fit for plant sizes starting at 50 PE

•  BIOCOS® compact plants with polypropylene tanks – are available from 25-250 PE

BIOCOS® Standard Plants with Concrete Tanks (ready-mix concrete, no prefabrication)

BIOCOS® Standard Plants have concrete tanks and fit for sizes starting from 50PE with no upper limit. These plants are designed by our engineers according to your individual requirements.

There are many options regarding the design of the plants to integrate them perfectly into their surroundings. We can for example design them to be erected under or above ground level or completely covered or open. The control building can be integrated into the plant or can be erected on top or besides the concrete tanks. Since all civil work is not complicated (e.g. all tanks are rectangular with a flat bottom), the work can generally be done by local construction companies. Usually we also take the responsibility for all construction works but you may choose your own construction company for the erection of the tanks.

Optionally and according to individual requirements and application these plants can be equipped with appropriate pre treatment, sludge treatment, effluent chlorination, UV treatment, digestion towers, biogas systems and/or other equipment to precisely fit the needs and budget of our customers.

In most cases a modular design is desirable. Modular construction of a BIOCOS® plant for a resort property might for example be implemented in four stages (see schema).

BIOCOS® Compact Polypropylene Plants

For smaller applications and very fast implementation we offer compact, pre-manufactured BIOCOS® plants with polypropylene tanks. BIOCOS® Compact Plants are available from 25PE up to 250PE. The maximum hydraulic load for this type of plant is 60m 3 per day.

With our Compact Plants, customers do not need to worry about anything related to construction. The plants are ready to be installed at any location with horizontal surface. After connecting the sewage system and electricity, the plant can be set into operation. In case that there is no access to electricity, we can offer other solutions e.g. diesel generators or photovoltaic panels.

Optionally and according to individual preferences, BIOCOS® Compact Plants can also be installed with appropriate pre-treatment, sludge treatment, effluent chlorination and/or UV treatment.

We are not just a provider of equipment for BIOCOS® plants. We are your partner for your perfect wastewater treatment solution. That solution starts with your inquiry and does not stop with the turn-key plant but goes further, if you like into operation and maintenance . For your information, we like to show you our process that ensures success of all client projects.

Well suited and often the perfect and lowest life-cycle cost solution for:


dealing with large hydraulic loads, increasing population, legal requirements, small budgets
seeking modular expansion capabilities, reliable purification, cost-effectiveness

  Hotels/Resorts/Golf Clubs:

dealing with demanding visitors, premium land prices, varying flows, high water demand
seeking superior reliable purification, odorless, small/integrateable construction, reuse of effluent

  Apartment/Residential Developers:

dealing with little space, demanding resident, no specialized operators, varying flows
seeking superior reliable purification, odorless, small/integrateable construction, simple operation/maintenance

  Sensitive/Alpine Locations :

dealing with legal requirements, fragile ecosystems, varying flows, no specialized operator
seeking superior reliable purification, integrateable construction, simple operation/maintenance


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